Czech Musical Theatre Organization

Voluntary, open and independent organization for people and institutions of any professional relationship to musical theatre. Founded in March 1990 with the aim of creating conditions for free theatrical production in the Czech musical theatre; to support its development and to defend and promote its artistic and professional interests.


The main periodic events of the Czech Musical Theatre Organization:
Musical Theatre Festival OPERA (biennial)
Meeting with Young singers (every year)
Round Table on operettas and musicals


Committee of the Czech Musical Theatre Organization:
Lubomír Havlák, Helena Havlíková, Josef Herman, Jiří Horký, Radmila Hrdinová, Olga Janáčková, Rudolf Leška, Regina Szymiková, Lenka Šaldová


Seat of the Czech Musical Theatre Organization:
K Vltavě 18, 143 00 Praha 12




G. F. Händel: Alcina, photo Joseph Marčinský

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